Having struggled with saggy eye lids, dark circles and crinkly skin I decided to try Plasmage. Being a regular client of Dr Liliana,  Jacqui and Jenni I decided to book in.

I decided I wanted the top and bottom of my eyes done at the same time. This was purely a personal preference because of the healing time. I like to see immediate results.

The process itself was relatively pain free. Jenni used some cream to numb the skin although there was some tingling in some areas. Having had laser treatment elsewhere on my skin, I am aware that it can be painful. Jenni did her very best to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure . There was also a smell of burning but again this is familiar with other laser procedures I have  undertaken. The process took about an hour.

The following day there was swelling around the eye area and across the bridge of my nose. The little red dots from the laser were prominent and my skin felt tender. By the third day the swelling had decreased dramatically and the area was healing well. By day 5 the red dots had completely  disappeared and I could really notice the difference. I was delighted with the results but the second appointment really made the difference.

My eyes look bright, youthful and my dark circles have disappeared. My eye bags have significantly reduced and I look fresh.

I highly recommend the procedure. I am amazed at the difference and so many people have complimented me.

The team at Aesthetica are exceptional, highly skilled Knowledgeable and talented. They make you feel so relaxed and welcome. Jenni is such a beautiful person who takes her time to make you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.