Get Wedding Day Ready!

Get wedding day ready with Nurse Toni..

Brides, Grooms, Mother of the bride…the list goes on!

Are you thinking about the photos or maybe the relatives & friends that you haven’t seen in a while?

Whatever the reason, you want to look your best on the big day!

I have put together a timeline of when to get started – this is only a guide so don’t worry if the wedding is fast approaching, book in for a consultation and we will take it from there.

12 months: This is the perfect time to start or revamp your skincare regime to improve skin quality and prepare your skin for treatments.

Whether you are new to aesthetics or have had treatment previously, book in for a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and design a treatment plan bespoke to you.

9 months: First dermal filler and muscle relaxant treatments – it’s so important to get used to how the injections work for you  and the result they deliver, starting in advance allows us to plan carefully to get the perfect treatment plan for you.

6-8 months: This is an ideal time to start in-clinic skin treatments,  to enhance the results of your skincare and injectable treatments. Our skin turns over every 28 days, so it can take time to see optimum results and improve skin imperfections.

6-8 weeks: Final dermal filler and muscle relaxant appointments – Dermal filler can take 4-6 to fully integrate into the skin whilst Muscle relaxants can take up to 2 weeks to have the full effect and adjustments may needed.

Most clients are happiest 6 weeks following treatment for natural results. This gives us plenty time for final tweaking to get your perfect result.

2-4 weeks: Finish your wedding preparation with a final skin treatment for glowing skin on the big day.


My advice from getting married last year..

Start early!

Book a consultation to discuss your goals and make a treatment plan.

Think skincare, skin treatments and injectable treatments

Your make up will be fabulous if your skin is – focus on your skin first!

Be consistent, the skin needs time to look its best, just like the gym, you can’t go once and expect to reach your goal.

And most importantly, enjoy it! Weddings are a great excuse to put pamper!

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