Red LED Light Therapy

Blue LED Light Therapy

LED therapy is a totally natural & pain free light treatments for a wide range of skin concerns including stimulating the formation of collagen, reducing pigmentation, calms redness & treats all grades of acne.

LED light therapy can benefit the skin with different effects depending on the wavelength used, colour frequency.  Red LED light therapy is the most commonly used within the skincare industry for it’s anti-ageing benefits.  NASA has performed a lot of researched into red LED light therapy and its effects which has proven to increase collagen and elastin production, stimulates fibroblastic growth and DNA synthesis to heal and strengthen the skin making it an excellent rejuvenation treatment.  Where as blue LED light has great  anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as reducing post treatment redness making it beneficial for treating acne and sensitive skins.

After just one treatment skin is visibly hydrated, smooth & radiant.
We can treat; Acne, photo damaged skin, fine lines, pore size & rosacea.