Facial treatments are also for men who care about the health and long-term anti-ageing benefits of maintaining clean, clear skin.

No matter what age or skin type, putting your skincare into the hands of a professional is not only the new standard for men’s grooming but also a powerful relaxation tool for guys whose days seem to run into nights!

Facial MOT – 30 minutes

Does your skin feel congested but at the same time a little dehydrated?  The express HydraFacial that will do the heavy lifting to exfoliate, hydrate and plump the skin. This tailored treatment starts with a deep cleanse followed by the hydra-pen to target blocked pores around the nose and chin. A lightweight serum provides an intense hydration hit.

Back MOT – 45 minutes

This purifying anti-bacterial back facial treats acne and acne prone skin by helping it calm and correct. It includes a cleanse, exfoliation and a bespoke exfoliating chemical peel.

Black Tie Facial – 60 minutes

Is your skin looking dehydrated, tired or sun damaged? This facial uses a natural but very effective resurfacing peel designed to minimise pores and fine lines. Followed by a hyaluronic drenched mask for a nourished and hydrated finish. 

BROtox – 30 minutes

‘BROtox’ is an Anti-Wrinkle Injection that has become hugely popular in the male community, a treatment that was once predominantly for women has seen a surge in new clients. In an ever growing economy, appearing youthful and energised can help to increase self esteem and enhance confidence.

Jawline Sculpting – 45 minutes

A strong and defined jawline is a highly desirable feature among men. A defined jawline can be an individual’s most striking physical feature, suggesting both youth and confidence.  Injecting dermal filler into the jawline can be used to stiffen the skin and redefine the chin and jowl area, decreasing the appearance of an undefined, drooping jawline. 

Underarm sweating – 45 minutes

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is embarrassing and unpleasant. Now men can choose a highly effective non-surgical treatment. Muscle relaxant injections stop the sweating for months at a time.

Mole/skin lesion removal – 30 minutes

Most men have moles on their body, but moles and other skin lesions can be irritated by clothing, hair and shaving – and some may even present health problems. In most cases, we’re able to use the latest techniques to remove cysts, moles and skin tags quickly and easily.

Thread vein removal – 45 minutes

Thread veins are damaged veins and broken capillaries just below the skin. As you age, your skin loses collagen and becomes thinner.  As a result of this, when veins expand they become more visible and can appear blue, red or purple. Facial thread veins are very common in men. If you’re somebody who is affected by them, the good news is that they can be easily treated. We offer ThermaVein treatment that help to restore your skin’s appearance.