What is Lactoferrin?


Game-changing immune support…

What is Lactoferrin?

Leapfrog remedies is the first Lactoferrin brand in the UK.  Their debut product, leapfrog IMMUNE, is a unique supplement in the well-being world: a chewable tablet containing lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin C.

In scientific data collected over the last 13 months, lactoferrin has been shown to inhibit viral replication and attachment to healthy cells and reduce the SARS-CoV-2 induced cytokines storm.  

Hero ingredient: LACTOFERRIN (Lf)

Lactoferrin is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory protein that the body synthesises daily, working in tour eyes, nose, mouth and certain white blood cells to protect against germs.  It acts as the first line in defence.  As an immune modulator, lactoferrin also increases the number of white blood cells in circulation to help heal damage and fight infection.  

When we’re stressed, tired, run-down, not eating properly or simply ageing, our innate lactoferrin may be depleted faster than it’s restored.  This can leave us vulnerable to germs. 

Why we love it: 

Nature’s remedy, fortunately, we can take lactoferrin in supplement form.  Lactoferrin is a key component of mother’s milk and is created by nature to offer newborn babies optimal immunity.  


Lactoferrin is found in most mammals milks.  Leapfrog extracts this hero ingredient from cows milk as it’s biologically similar allowing them to extend the immune-boosting benefits of lactoferrin beyond infancy.  Although found in cow’s milk due to the pasteurising process we are not able to access this through our diet.  

Leapfrog remedies: 

Leapfrog IMMUNE contains 250mg or lactoferrin per chewable tablet, plus zinc and vitamin C.  (The NRV for an adult is two tablets, and for children is 1 tablet) 

Formulated as a chewable citrus flavour tablet, the lactoferrin is absorbed by the cells in the oral cavity so that effects begin in the mouth and bypass the harsh gastric juices. 

No water needed and no big pills to swallow

The whole family (age 4 and up) can take Leapfrog at the first signs of a scratchy throat or sniffle to nip it in the bud.  Adults can also pulse throughout the season for prevention.  A supplement that works in sync with the body’s own mechanisms, leapfrog IMMUNE is a must-have for the medicine cabinet. 

Contraindications: During the gentle manufacturing process, the lactose in lactoferrin is reduced to very low levels. The lactose content in our lactoferrin is typically 0.01% – virtually lactose-free – but, as milk is an allergen, do have a chat with your health practitioner if you have any concerns.

Do consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if any of the following apply to you:  You suffer from severe asthma, autoimmune or allergic conditions (lactoferrin levels in the body are elevated in the conditions of lymphocytic leukemia or pancreatitis), you suffer from milk protein allergies or you take blood-thinning medications.

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