What is Profhilo?


Get the Profhilo glow!

What is Profhilo?
‘The first of its kind, Profhilo® is a revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment, made with the patented NAHYCO® technology.’
Profhilo contains an ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found within the skin and responsible for retaining moisture. As we age, our natural production of hyaluronic acid decreases more and more each year. Topical applications using quality products containing hyaluronic acid helps, but adding a treatment like Profhilo into the mix will maximise your results.
Essentially a moisturiser that is administered subcutaneously, Profhilo is 100 percent synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA). It rehydrates and re-textures crêpey skin better than any topical cream could, stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin by a slow release of hyaluronic acid.
Profhilo is different from the more traditional forms of dermal fillers as it doesn’t contain butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) which is a synthetic chemical. BDDE is safe when used in dermal fillers, however, Profhilo doesn’t contain this chemical and is free from additives and impurities. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone avoiding synthetic chemicals but still looking for a great skin booster treatment.
Made with the patented NAHYCO® technology, this results in a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel, which has a prolonged stimulating activity on the dermal cells. When injected into the skin, Profhilo stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity and improve and restore the firmness of the skin.
The skin treatment which is loved by celebrities and is a winner of multiple industry awards provides a massive amount of hydration to the skin, giving it a gorgeous healthy glow, without changing the way we look overall making it a popular procedure especially for those who are just being introduced to the world of aesthetics.
Profhilo is a fairly quick treatment that involves injecting the product just under the skin at five different points on each side of the face. It can be a little stingy however nothing un-bearable.
Skin is healthier, bouncier and glowing.
Profhilo improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the superficial layers of skin while helping to increase hydration and firmness across the face.
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