What is skin health?

The importance of skin health

Zein Obagi

‘My mission is to create skin that is healthy, youthful and vibrant.’

ZO Skin Health is a medical-grade skincare brand which was founded by California based dermatologist Zein Obajgi in 2007. Zein Obagi is a world-renowned skincare expert, award-winning inventor, educator and author. He coined the term ‘science of skin health’ defining skincare to include creating and maintaining skin health.  ZO Skin Health is the number one physician dispensed skin brand in Europe. 

Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ in the body, covering an area of 1.5-2m squared. The skin creates a barrier of protection, making us waterproof, managing temperature and excreting toxins. Therefore, skin health is extremely important to its functions.  ZO offer skin health restoration with a comprehensive and continuous solution of topicals for every person, age and colour.  The product formulations are designed to work at a cellular level, working to strengthen the foundation and rebuild not just working superficially.    ZO’s eight principles to Skin Health; Skin barrier function; correcting weakness and dryness and preventing trans-epidermal water loss.  Stimulation; initiating cellular activity and general repair improving the dermis and epidermis by using retinoic acid/retinol.  Stabilisation; normalising skin to prevent sensitivity.  Sebum control; prevents pigmentation and inflammation resulting from excess sebum.  Chronic inflammation elimination; reducing cellular dysfunction, poor treatment response and poor healing.  Overcome skin resistance; by limiting the use of certain products to avoid treatment failure.  Hydration + calming; using functional hydrators as alternative to traditional moisturisers to help manage anticipated reactions.  Smart sun protection; protecting the skin from UV exposure and environmental damage.

Fundamental Five

To target the 8 key principles and achieve skin health when using ZO everyone starts with the fundamental five. These are the basics that can then be adapted and customised to fit individual skin health needs. Wash; cleansing the skin aiding in removal of dirt and debris.  Scrub; exfoliation to improve circulation, enhance product penetration and remove dead skin cells.  Oil control; balance excess oil and restore skins pH.  Balance; using Daily Power Defence a light weight anti-oxidant serum to boosts DNA repair whilst helping to restore barrier function.  Protect; sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection, the trade marked triple-spectrum protection shields against UVA/UVB, high-energy visible (HEV) light and IR-A (infrared) rays. For each of these steps there are different product options depending on skin needs and personal preferences. 

Prevent and Correct

In addition to the fundamental five ZO skin health range can be customised to individual skin health needs.  Anti-agineg; reducing lines and wrinkles and protecting from environmental damage.  Brightening; targeting uneven skin tone, age spots and hyperpigmentation.  Acne; preventing at treating acne breakouts and inflammation.  Redness; targeting rosacea and sensitised skin. 

Anticipated Reactions

When using medical-grade skincare as it stimulates cell function it is anticipated that there will be a skin reaction. This is normal and can range from redness and sensitivity to tight and dry flaking skin. Anticipated reactions can be managed by the frequency of product use and combating the effects with hydrating and calming products. It is important to have an in-depth consultation with an expert to make sure the correct products and protocols are in place to manage these reactions.

Professional Treatments

ZO offers a range of in-clinic procedures from mild peels for glowing skin to more aggressive peels for skin transformation, these work in collaboration with at-home products for overall skin health. It is important to prepare skin before aggressive procedures as the skin barrier needs to be strengthened to minimise adverse reactions. Skin preparation will differ depending on skin type and colour.  The minimum preparation time is around 6-8 weeks however an in-depth skin history consultation will be used to determine if the time required needs to be extended, for some individuals this could be up to 16+ weeks. 

Ask an expert

If you are interested in ZO Skin Health and want to find out more, contact us to arrange a skin consultation. One of our practitioners will be able to assess your skincare needs and create a customise prescription.

As the ZO range contains advanced active ingredients it is therefore not available to purchase online.  Certain products are by prescription only which our doctors can dispense after a full consultation. 

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