How does stress affect your skin?

How does stress affect your skin?


We are all living through a global pandemic and whether you are working on the frontline or able to stay safe at home there are lots of influences that may be causing you to feel more stressed than normal and no doubt that will be showing in your skin.



Stress has a negative impact on the whole of your body including skin, hair and nails. Stress causes a chemical response which can make your skin more sensitive and reactive.


Do you notice your skin condition worsen when you are stressed? This happens because stress causes your body to make hormones such as cortisol, which tells your skin to make more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and another skin disease.


You may find yourself suffering from acne/skin breakouts, rosacea or dermatitis which a lot of people may currently suffer on their hands due to increased handwashing and use of alcohol-based sanitisers.


Here are our top tips on how to manage these skin conditions at home as well as how to help reduce your stress levels during this challenging time.



When treating acne and skin breakouts choosing products containing key ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulphur help you to target concerns. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that causes acne, helps remove excess oil and dead skin which can block pores however it can cause side effects. Salicylic helps dissolve oil and prevents pores from becoming blocked. Sulphur removes dead skin cells and excess oil.


ZO Skin Health


Acne Control

Maximum strength formula containing 10% benzoyl peroxide this product if for those with moderate to severe acne.


ZO Acne Treatment and Prevention Kit

A perfect combination for blemish-prone skin or those currently suffering stress breakouts containing all full-size products. ZO’s GSR get skin ready; Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish and Complexion Renewal Pads all containing salicylic acid used daily to cleanse and prep skin. Sulfur Masque with 10% active sulphur for weekly treatment reducing oil, dead skin and inflammation.


Exfoliation accelerator

Containing 10% glycolic and lactic acid complex to brighten skin and unclog pores can be used alternatively with Acne Control on a monthly basis.



Clear Skin Discovery Kit

Containing travel-sized products of Clarifying Foam, Blemish SOS and Balance moisturiser. These products help reduce breakouts and inflammation with salicylic acid and niacinamide.


Breakout Defence + Age Repair

This product is ideal for stressed skin it’s an anti-oxidant formula containing copper PCA, soothing niacinamide and beta-glucan helps to fight blemishes while anti-aging benefits minimise fine line and wrinkles.


Advanced Nutrition Programme


Skin Accumax

This patented skin supplement containing DIM and vitamins A, C and E. Supports skin from the inside out. Helping to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne breakouts.




When concerned with rosacea and skin sensitivity using key ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide and peptides can help to strengthen skin and reduce symptoms.


ZO Skin Health



Containing ZO trademark anti-redness complex ZO RRS2 and papain helps to reduce redness, inflammation and surface oil while improving skin texture.



Calmwise Discovery Kit

Containing travel-sized products of their anti-redness range. Cleanser, serum and redness neutralising moisturiser.


Clarity Peptides

10% niacinamide infused peptide serum. This is a must-have for skin suffering a change in environment; stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and excess alcohol all play havoc with our skin. Niacinamide calms and soothes redness while zinc PCA manages sebum and balances bacteria to tackle blemishes.


Zenii London


Skin Fusion

An amazing blend of high strength marine collagen, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to help regain skin health.




It is not fully understood what causes dermatitis and eczema however stress is definitely a factor. When we are stressed our body releases cortisol which increases inflammatory conditions. Contact dermatitis can be due to an irritant or allergy. During these times a lot of people will find their hands can be dry and sensitive due to increased handwashing and use of alcohol-based sanitisers which may trigger contact dermatitis.

ZO Skin Health


Hydrating Cream

Lightweight rejuvenating formula, with ZOX12 complex. Oatmeal and beta-glucan to calm and soothe sensitive itchy skin.



Ultimate Recovery Intense

A rich restorative cream for dry and comprised skin. It creates a protective barrier to protect skin from the environment. Beta-glucan and arnica leave skin calm and comforted.



Stress Management


Reducing and managing stress through this time really is important. It can be hard and a lot of people may feel they are not in control, which can increase stress levels. Taking control of the aspects we can influence will help us feel better and taking time out for self-care will improve our mental health.


Setting Routines


You may be working from home, trying to home school and feeling overwhelmed with watching too much news coverage regarding COVID-19. There are certain aspects of our current situation that are completely out of our hands however we can take manage our time by setting some form of routine.


Home schooling does not have to be stressful, you do not have to have to try and recreate a classroom environment at home. There are lots of ways we can continue to teach our children that is fun and stress free. Take this time to help them learn life skills such as cooking a meal, managing money, growing plants from seeds and how to check oil in the car etc


Be kind to yourself your days may not always be as productive as you hope but if you are staying safe at home that is what is important at this time.




Keep moving, go out a walk for your daily exercise or find an online fitness class that you enjoy whether it is a HIIT workout or yoga. Make sure to stay hydrated drinking water especially if you are having more coffee or alcohol than usual. Try to eat healthy nutritious diet to make sure your getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.


Find something to keep you busy and try something new. Enjoy some quiet time with a book or meditating and make time for self-care, relax in a hot bath, pamper your skin with a face mask.


Check in with your family and friends and make sure they are coping during this challenging time.


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In the meantime…


Stay safe!